End Stop And Frisk

Now that Police Commissioner Ross has resigned, the time has come for Mayor Kenney so hire a commissioner who will promise to end the practice of Stop and Frisk in the city of Philadelphia and enact reforms to combat sexual misconduct within the Philadelphia Police Department.  

Mayor Jim Kenney,

With the recent resignation of Commissioner Richard Ross, your administration has the opportunity to change the way policing is done in our great city and help mend broken relationships between the public and the police department. The next police commissioner will set the culture moving forward, and it is important that the correct choice is made. The next Police Commissioner must promise to end the practice of Stop and Frisk in Philadelphia and enact reforms to combat sexual misconduct in the Philadelphia Police Department.

Both in numerous studies and research conducted by the PA ACLU, it has been proven that Stop and Frisk, in practice, disproportionately targets our black and brown residents over their white counterparts. Furthermore, the research also indicates that in the majority of Stop and Frisk occurrences, no threats are eliminated. 

We believe that residents of Philadelphia should be treated equitably in all ways, especially when it comes to our Civil Rights. A black man in north Philadelphia  should be treated the same way with police engagement as a white man in northeast Philadelphia. While we acknowledge the federal ruling of Terry V. Ohio, and that Philadelphia cannot overturn the law on a local level, we as voters and residents do have options. Philadelphia has routinely led the way with opposing bigoted federal laws, most notably, upholding and protecting the city’s status as a strong sanctuary city. We call on our Mayor to hire a new Commissioner who is committed to transparent policing and ending stop and frisk practices. 

In addition, we also demand that more protections are put into place for those who experience sexual misconduct within the Philadelphia Police Department. We agree and stand in solidarity with our city controller, Rebecca Rhynhart, who is also asking the Mayor to address disturbing culture which is ingrained into the Philadelphia Police Department. We ask that our Mayor, Jim Kenney, follow the City Controller’s recommendations and create a centralized process for all claims and allegations of sexual misconduct in which to be handled. 

The time has come to finally end the racist and classist policing policy of Stop and Frisk and ensure that sexual misconduct within our Police Department is rooted out, once and for all. 

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