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August 1st, 2019                                                                                                                                                215-720-1354



(Philadelphia, PA) –– This is a big day for us, our movement, and the city of Philadelphia. This campaign believes that in the birthplace of liberty, no individual should go hungry, no street citizen should be ignored, and no person should be displaced regardless of their age, race, sex, identity, religion, disability, or zip code. 

To some we have been written off; Perhaps it is the pink hair, the tattoos, and the Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)– to that we say, we should expect more from our politicians, not just a façade. Joe Cox is running as an unapologetic progressive Independent candidate. The campaign is run solely on people power and pedal power. We as Philadelphians should expect more from our politicians. 

Today we delivered over 4,300 signatures and 109 nominating papers. Thank you to everyone who signed, and everyone who helped collect well over the 3,226 required signatures to be on the November ballot. Since mid-March, Joe personally gathered 3,819 signatures by meeting voters and biking all over Philadelphia. Our campaign is proud to say that we did not pay for signatures; Every signature obtained was by the people, for the people. 

One thing we can promise is that we are not changing to appease the establishment. We believe that our platform and inclusive vision of Philadelphia will make the city we love more green, clean, prosperous, and equitable. 

Together we can Put People First.


In Solidarity,

Joe Cox

Activist for a more Equitable Philadelphia





July 24th, 2019                                                                                                                                                 



(Philadelphia, PA) –– At 8:18 AM, Wednesday, June 28th, I was involved in a two-car, hit-and-run accident while biking in the bike lane on 13th Street just South of Spruce Street. 

The first car illegally turned, crossing the bike lane immediately in front of me. In doing so this caused me to quickly try to avoid being in a head-on car accident. This would have injured not only myself, my bike, but also my two dogs who often ride securely with me. A second vehicle, ignoring the fact that a bike can take up space in the street, accelerated and in doing so hit my back-left tire.  

This is a common occurrence in Philadelphia where it is estimated that about 40 hit-and-runs take place every day. This number greatly under-represents the full gravity of the issue as most cyclists are unable to report the incident unless it rises to the level of severe injury. Few are able to wait for the police to show up to report the incident and even less have the opportunity to get a picture of the alleged perpetrator and at best have a hazy recollection of the color of the vehicle, make and model. 

I am not hurt. I am shook. It could have been a lot worse. Today’s incident only furthers my resolve and determination to run for public office with a safe, green, and clean streets platform. We must change our road infrastructure in Philadelphia, increase the education of new bike laws prior to acquiring a driver’s license, and better enforce the laws that protect cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians. Our streets are for everyone. 

Consider that I am one of the most visible riders in Philadelphia and yet I was still hit. I ride with a sign that clearly states the 4-foot law. It should put into perspective just how ineffective and unsafe our street laws, education policy, and enforcement of the Rules of the Road. We as voters can change this and in doing so save lives. 


In Solidarity,

Joe Cox

Activist for a more Equitable Philadelphia

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