Hi! I am Joe Cox, a Progressive Independent candidate running for Philadelphia City Council At Large. Since the 1950s, both Minority Party seats on city council have been held by the Republican Party. It is time we shake up the status quo. Let's Put People First!

As a bike messenger for over 7 and a half years, I know firsthand just how dangerous our streets are for cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians. I have been chased, hit, and maced, just for doing my job. We have an estimated 40-a-day hit and run rate in Philadelphia. With the growth of the gig economy, the largest population of cyclists commuters in the United States and largest population of disabled citizens, we must prioritize safer streets for all.

I am running to (1) make our streets safer, cleaner and more accessible, (2) work with city officials to end Stop and Frisk and end all racist and classist policing -- including working to expunge marijuana-related offenses, (3) protect green spaces and bring more 100% renewable, family-sustaining, green jobs to Philadelphia, while strengthening our commitment to Green Stormwater Infrastructure programs, and (4) legalize, tax, and regulate cannabis, and invest the city revenue back into our communities, public schools, libraries, affordable housing, public restrooms, senior centers, recreation centers, and treatment centers.

On Tuesday, November 5th, Philadelphians will have a historic choice to make. Do we continue down the same path, with the same broken promises and blatant corruption, or do we demand a city government that represents the will of the people?